18th IEEE International Conference on



July 23-25, 2019



Cognitive Learning Systems, Brain-Inspired Systems, Cognitive Robotics, and Art&Science


The IEEE ICCI*CC (International Conference on Cognitive informatics & Cognitive Computing) series is a flagship conference of its field, sponsored by the IEEE (Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers). Following the first 17 successful conferences on Cognitive Informatics and Cognitive Computing (ICCI’02 through ICCI*CC’18), the 18th International Conference on Cognitive Informatics and Cognitive Computing (ICCI*CC 2019) is offered at the Politecnico di Milano University, Italy, July 23-25, 2019.

Cognitive Informatics (CI) is a transdisciplinary field that studies the internal information processing mechanisms of the brain, the underlying abstract intelligence (αI) theories and denotational mathematics, and their engineering applications in cognitive computing, computational intelligence, and cognitive systems. Cognitive Computing (CC) is a cutting-edge paradigm of intelligent computing methodologies and systems based on cognitive informatics, which implements computational intelligence by autonomous inferences and perceptions mimicking the mechanisms of the brain. CI and CC not only synergize theories of modern information science, computer science, communication theories, AI, cybernetics, computational intelligence, cognitive science, intelligence science, neuropsychology, brain science, systems science, software science, knowledge science, cognitive robots, cognitive linguistics, and life science, but also promote novel applications in cognitive computers, cognitive communications, computational intelligence, cognitive robots, cognitive systems, and the AI, IT, and software industries.

The 18th International Conference on Cognitive Informatics and Cognitive Computing (ICCI*CC 2019) focuses on the theme of Cognitive Learning Systems, Brain-Inspired Systems, Cognitive Robotics, and Art & Science. ICCI*CC 2019 welcomes researchers, practitioners, and graduate students to join the international initiative on cognitive informatics and cognitive computing toward the investigation of cognitive mechanisms and processes of human information processing, and the development of the next generation of cognitive computers and cognitive communication systems.

New effective multidisciplinary, interdisciplinary and transdisciplinary competences are already strongly required, in the business, technical, management and social communities especially, at all levels and scales. ICCI*CC 2019 offers the unique opportunity to immediately update your current, experiential knowledge-base and to deep learn new ideas and concepts from highly talented, technical oriented and social oriented professionals and academicians for the better, mutual understanding of current, significant transformative changes that will impact society worldwide in the near future.



Prof. Bernard Widrow (Stanford University, USA) and Prof. Jerome Feldman (UC Berkeley, USA)


Prof. Rodolfo A. Fiorini (Politecnico di Milano University, Italy), Prof. Yingxu Wang (University of Calgary, Canada), and Prof. Newton Howard (Oxford University, UK)


Dr. Garry Jacobs (World Academy of Art and Science, USA) and Prof. Paolo Soda (University of Rome, Italy)

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